Offers Shared Ad Income

PRESS RELEASE - is a unique new adult review site, the only one to offer its hundreds of reviewers not only free online adult movie access and DVDs, but shared ad income.

Launched just a few months ago, features critiques of the latest adult releases. Reviewers are rewarded with free adult discs and VOD minutes, cash bonuses, publicity and most of all, financial incentives, including lifelong passive income.

And unlike other review programs, provides a medium for the distribution of quality content suitable for use on blogs, websites, ezines, and newsletters.

AdultMaven is partners with top VOD site, where AdultMaven writers get free minutes to watch and review adult movies. All AdultMaven reviews are linked to those same titles on Yappo, where consumers who read the reviews can then watch those same movies. The reviews are also linked to the AdultMaven online store, run by, where those same titles can be rented or purchased.

Through affiliate programs, the writer whose review resulted in a consumer watching that movie on Yappo, or buying or renting it in the AdultMaven store, receives a portion of the proceeds for life.

"AdultMaven is the only program in which, in addition to giving its reviewers free online movie access and DVDs to review and keep, shares ad income with its reviewers," said Mike Ramone, the former AVN Editor in Chief and current adult director who is lending a hand to AdultMaven. "No other porn review site offers this."

"Through these affiliate programs," Ramone continued, "reviewers can make lifelong passive income anytime a consumer clicks through from their reviews to VOD minutes over at Yappo or from sales in the AdultMaven online store.

"And AdultMaven is always looking to add reviewers to our site," Ramone added. "It's easy and free to do. Just go to, sign up, submit a review and soon we'll be sending you free DVDs to review and keep."

Another strength of is the instant buzz it gives to new releases from adult studios.

Many of the industry's top studios, including Red Light District, Digital Playground, Vivid, Wicked, Jules Jordan and SexZ Pictures are already sending screeners and quickly getting them reviewed on the site.

"I am happy to say that since we have started providing movies to AdultMaven, we have seen a terrific response in both quantity of reviews on its website and quality of reviews, resulting in a substantial increase in responses to the reviews as well as to our distributors about the movie titles being reported," said Red Light District Director of Public Relations Larry Schwarz. "The response time from AdultMaven receiving our movies to the time the reviews are up on site has been nothing short of phenomenal! RLD is most happy to have added this professional, thorough, and balanced review site."

Digital Playground Director of Marketing Adella concurred.

"We're happy to support AdultMaven," she said. "The reviews of our titles are always prominently visible on the site and have been fair in reflecting the strengths of Digital Playground product. Plus, there is a quick turn around from the time AdultMaven receives our screeners to the time the reviews of such are posted. AdultMaven is just a pleasure to work with."

Studios which are not yet sending their new releases, but who would like them reviewed by the site's writers, should mail 2-5 copies of each to:
13351 Riverside Dr. #543
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

The more copies of each new release AdultMaven receives, the more reviews of it will be posted on the site, Ramone said. If AdultMaven receives say, five copies of a title, five different reviews of the release, by five different reviewers, will be posted on the site within about two weeks.

"Once we start receiving a studio's screeners, we can help increase awareness and visibility for those DVDs," said Ramone. "We've got an incredible review community and we're confident that we can help spread good, significant buzz about studios' newest releases. The best thing about our program is that it produces incredible results at absolutely no cost to the studios (except the cost of shipping us the DVDs)."

"We're already working with many of the leading studios in the industry and we would really like to work with the rest of them too," Ramone added. "A quality review of a new release will appear on our site within about two weeks of us receiving it."

Ramone said additional marketing buzz for participating studios is available too.

"If any studio would like to sponsor a contest that revolves around its brands, we invite to let us know and we'll be happy to work with them to set something up," he said.

"AdultMaven is a work-in-progress," Ramone said, "and we have some exciting plans for the near future, including a complete re-design of the site to make it more consumer-oriented, promotionals for studios who work with us and contests with great prizes for our reviewers. With its strong base of highly motivated reviewers and its fast growing readership, AdultMaven is an excellent free publicity tool and should be part of every adult studio's PR strategy."

For further information on, or suggestions as to how the site can help market studios' new releases, please send inquiries to [email protected]