Adult Webmaster Empire Hires Katie Smith

LOS ANGELES - Ten-year online brand, product and business development veteran Katie Smith has been hired to oversee U.S. strategy and development for Adult Webmaster Empire, an affiliate program that focuses on adult live video and chat websites. 

"Our traffic sources are healthy," she said. "Revenue growth is strong historically and rising. We have the capital to develop, test and nurture our partners, so it's time to take the business to the next level and explore new territory." 

Smith previously worked as the senior director of Playboy Online and, most recently, as the head of new media for Playboy TV. At Playboy Online, she produced the company's first subscription-website loyalty program. 

Smith also enhanced targeted cross-sale programs and oversaw new and optimized product development, which resulted in more than $2 million in found revenue in the first year. She doubled that number in the second year and led the new-media team in launching the company's first dedicated viral-video networking group and related data-acquisition programs for the TV division. 

"Playboy is one of the finest brands in the world," she said. "I'm proud of my working relationship and success with our teams at the media center (TV) in Los Angeles and the digital media and corporate office in Chicago. Now, it's time to bring more good things to life with AWE's proven successful team." 

Katie Smith can be reached at 888-293-3221 or [email protected].