Adult Voting Site Hard-Launches

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Northstar Productions has officially launched the voting site Porn or Scorn, which allows users to rate adult content and post comments on pictures and videos.


In addition to providing a social platform for users, Porn or Scorn provides the adult industry a mechanism for gathering marketing data from the free porn-audience.


"Processing user feedback is crucial to staying on top in the adult industry," said Jason B. Hart, president of Northstar Productions. "Systems that provide deep levels of consumer feedback play a vital role in maintaining a competitive edge in the cutthroat adult content business."


The site also helps popular trends emerge through user participation, Northstar Productions said.


Porn or Scorn uses a dynamic rating and commenting system that is tied to exclusive image-serving software designed to allow marketers to conduct high-powered surveys. Surveys can be targeted according to niche markets or applied to the entire Porn or Scorn community. 


Poorly rated content that doesn't cause the average user to take action is automatically removed from the system. Over time, the system tunes itself to display only the most valuable images, allowing the adult webmaster community to learn from consumer feedback.