Adult Store Customers Filmed for YouTube

Protestors — some of whom hold signs that read "Smile, you're on YouTube" — have set up shop outside a Secrets Lingerie Boutique to film patrons entering the business. They plan to post the videos on the popular website YouTube.

"I'm not trying to embarrass anybody," said Jim White, a Vacaville resident and youth pastor. "If you have absolutely no question of conscience about entering this store, then by all means shop away. However, if even only one of the dozens of customers we've deterred from entering is a married person about to do something shady behind their spouse's back, then mission accomplished."

White said the protesters gather to film shoppers entering the store because they think Secrets "is a shop that is profiting from pornography and other materials that we feel are degrading to people and exploitative."

But local business owner Curt Fargo defended the store, which sells lingerie and gifts in front and adult movies in the back.

"From what I've seen so far, it's no worse than Victoria's Secret, or worse than Hanes Underwear store across the way in the factory stores," he said.

The protests are taking place just days after Vacaville City Council passed a law that bans adult businesses. City representatives have told several media outlets that the Secrets store is not breaking any laws.

Protest organizers said they haven't posted any video of customers on YouTube yet, but they plan to.