Adult Star Profits Launches Fetish Tattoo/Piercing Site,

CHATSWORTH -Adult Star Profits, an affiliate program about to go public, has officially launched fetish tattoo and piercing site My Tattoo Girls after a month of successful beta testing.  

This unique, hardcore niche site offers authentic photos and videos of modified girls performing sexually while getting the most extreme tattoos and piercings imaginable. Conversions have been 1:70 to date.

"My Tattoo Girls is truly a one-of-a-kind site with very distinctive content," Adult Star Profits President and CEO Michael G. told AVN Online. "There's no where else to find these type of extreme images and video."

The content is the result of six years of intense passion from site owner and creator Sascha Libido.

"Sascha enjoys this niche because he gets personally involved in permanently modifying these girls," Michael G. added. "He started taking the pics as a hobby and since he was in porn, he knew to have the girls sign releases and show IDs so he could one day use the content."

My Tattoo Girls offers in depth depictions of beautiful girls getting tattooed on their labia, breasts and face; as well as piercings through their clits and tits while performing hardcore sex acts - often right in the tattoo studio.

"The site is about a combination of beautiful girls getting tattooed, the process of getting tattooed, and some sort of sexual involvement, whether it's solo, B/G, or a blowjob," Libido explained to AVN Online. "Most of the other sites out there only combine two elements -- pretty girls and tattoos, or tattooed girls having sex. We cover the whole gamut."

My Tattoo Girls is a site for the true tattoo aficionado who wants to see the girls get screwed and tattooed.

"It's about permanent body modification," Libido said. "People in this niche get off seeing girls change their body forever."

For more information, visit the Adult Star Profits or My Tattoo Girls websites.