Adult Revenue Service Launches ARS 2008

KALAMAZOO, Mich. - Affiliate program Adult Revenue Service has launched ARS 2008 with new features, sites and products.


"Everything from how the site looks to how you interact with it has been upgraded and made to be more intuitive," said ARS owner and CEO Rebecca DeForest. "We're creating an ARS that is long overdue, one that is well organized, highly efficient and one that is highly proactive to the needs and desires of our affiliates." 


The new features include a new site each week for a year, including 30 exclusive sites; a payout of up to $75 per sign-up for a year; the elimination of the $5 payout reduction for "build your own tour" (BYOT) sales; hosted banners, Flash movies and RSS feeds; and updated free content. ARS also is offering $75 per sale for one full year on all new sites. 


"The advantages are twofold," owner John Valigorsky told AVN Online. "First, the promotion offers increased payouts for an entire year across a broad spectrum of sites and niches. Second, it offers affiliates an opportunity to check us out again, get higher payouts than normal, get reacquainted with us and have something new from us each week."