Adult Rental Adds Full Movie Downloads in DivX Format

TORONTO, Canada - Adult VOD company Adult Rental is now offering full-length DVD downloads in DivX format.

"It is hard to deny that the video store business model has become an antiquated system. Why waste time and effort driving across town to grab a disc, not to mention the risk of public embarrassment, when with just a few mouse clicks the same results are easily achieved," said Chris Marion, product manager of Adult Rental. 

Surfers can preview films at Adult Rental before deciding to keep them or not, Marion said.

"VOD is still our bread and butter, but adding diversification has always been and continues to be our standing order around here," he said. "With our DivX application, you can download a movie, burn it, drop it into your DivX certified DVD player, and watch it like a regular DVD. How beautiful is that? And nothing is lost; you get the same picture and audio quality of a store-bought DVD."

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