Adult Profit Increases Payouts for the Holidays

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Adult Profit has announced the affiliate program will increase payouts for the holiday season.

Each day from Dec. 19-24, one of Adult Profit's sites will be chosen to pay $50 on each $1 trial. Every Adult Profit site will pay $75 for each $1 trial on Dec. 25.

"Our webmasters are the best," a company spokesman said. "After the initial shock of the global economic crisis had hit, our webmasters pulled up their socks and got to work; they started squeezing out sales where others couldn't, they used ingenuity and hard work and they got the job done. We have seen our sales raise to pre-crisis levels, and for many webmasters they are even better now. We wanted to reward them during the holidays to show our appreciation."

Adult Profit is a 8-year-old affiliate program which promotes its flagship website along with the popular, the recently added and a stable of other quality websites.

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