Adult Profit Announces Upgrades to Affiliate Software

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Affiliate program has announced two important upgrades to its software.

Webmasters have always been able to choose the destination of the default tour within the software, but now a new Join Page feature has been added. Direct Join Page links are very effective under the right circumstances and can be selected within the software.

Another important upgrade is a broadcast email, which goes out whenever Adult-Profit gets fresh free hosted galleries.  These emails include actual code that is customizable within the program, which saves webmasters the time of logging into the software. This allows webmasters to receive emails with codes already formatted for their needs.

"These upgrades will be a life saver to many webmasters who will wonder how they ever lived without them," a company spokesman said. "This shows our commitment to our webmasters, because we always strive to make them more and more money by making their jobs easier. The easier things are the more up-to-date and flexible a webmaster can be with advertising."

For more information, visit the website.