Adult-Profit Adds Two New Tours

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Affiliate program Adult-Profit has added a video-page tour to its flagship site Babylon-x and a second tour for Sinful Comics, which launched two weeks ago.


According to Adult-Profit, Babylon-x is one of the oldest and most established celebrity-based websites.


"Adult-Profit has added over 14 pages of video tours to the site, and webmasters are touting increased sales," a company spokesman said. "This underlines Adult-Profit's commitment to its webmasters, on top of an already impressive collection of promotional tools."


Sinful Comics is a parody website depicting today's hottest celebrity women in fantasy situations.


"Sinful Comics memberships are flying out the door," the Adult-Profit spokesman said. "Webmasters love promoting it because it is a new concept in an old niche, and surfers love the unfettered fantasy that only comics can provide."


Adult-Profit offers a $30 payout per $1 trial.