Adult Message Board Launched

REDMOND, Wash. - The Drama Masters webmaster forum, backed by industry veterans PersianKitty and Bama, has been launched to offer drama-free business discussion.


Drama Masters allows webmasters to promote programs with banners at the top of any created thread.


"A webmaster board is only as successful as the participation of the webmaster community, so why shouldn't they have a financial reward in the success of the board, too?" Bama said. "By offering webmasters the top banner spot to promote their programs or other programs with their webmaster referral code in the link, it will entice them to create meaningful, business-related threads that will receive many views from other webmasters."


According to Bama, each participant is assigned a banner spot that is shared 50/50 with the site.


"When webmasters create threads, the custom banner is displayed half the time, while a banner of's choice will be displayed the other percentage of the time," Bama said.


As a webmaster's posting activity increases, so does the percentage of time his or her banner is shown over the board's advertising rotation.


After making 1,000 posts, a webmaster will receive an additional banner spot, which is shared 60/40 with Drama Masters. At 2,500 posts, a user will receive a third banner spot, which will be shared 75/25.


At 5,000 posts, a user will receive a fourth banner spot, which is shared 90/10. After making 10,000 posts, the banner space no longer is shared with Drama Masters.


Drama Masters also gives webmasters tools for sorting and ignoring threads, in an effort to stop thread sabotage by trolls.


"The ‘ignore' module allows the thread creator to self-admin their own threads," Bama said. "If someone posts in a thread and says something the poster doesn't want them to say, they simply remove the post and place the member on the ignore list. That person can never post in any thread the user has created until they are taken off the ignore list by the administrator. Furthermore, users will never see any posts inside other people's thread from that user or any topics started by the ignored webmaster. Threads can also be locked or unlocked per the user's discretion."


The thread sorting feature allows users to assign threads to categories such as those for sponsors, business and jokes. Webmasters can choose which topic they would like to view from their control panel.