Adult Humor Site Launches

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Adult entertainment blogger Justin Treynor has launched the humor site

The site enables users to add "LOLspeak"-style captions to adult images and post them for others to view and give scores ranging from "FAIL" to "ROFL." 

Treynor said that, as with his site Lavender Tabby, interactivity is a key part of his strategy for attracting interest.  

"Again, the driving idea is interaction," he said. "I Can Has LOL Pron? goes even further than Lavender Tabby because it invites people to become creatively engaged by actually contributing content, which, in turn, others will interact with via the rating system." 

Treynor said launching an adult site with a humorous slant is consistent with the traditional approach of the porn business. 

"One of the long-standing hallmarks of adult entertainment in the United States, particularly on the movie production side, has been a capacious penchant for burlesque," he noted. "Historically, this business has demonstrated an outstanding capacity for satire aimed both at the mainstream world and at itself. I think that is both a socially valuable and commercially viable legacy, and I see no reason why it shouldn't be carried forward as part of the industry's online personality, as well." 

In addition to providing amusement for consumers of adult entertainment, Treynor said he hopes I Can Has LOL Pron? will serve as a "lighten-up call" to those struggling to develop a sexual sense of humor.  

"Of course, there are certain sexual issues that demand absolute sober-mindedness, but not everything related to eroticism has to be taken so seriously," he said. "In my humble opinion, an inability to laugh at anything of a sexual nature indicates a less-than-optimal state of mental health. And, as the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine." 

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