Adult AdWorld Releases Interstitial Ads

NEW YORK - Advertising network Adult AdWorld has released its interstitial ad units, full-page interactive ads placed between pages of a participating publisher's website.


Interstitial ads can be displayed anywhere on a website; they each include a button the surfer can click to skip the ad and continue viewing the site. The company created the ad units to help webmasters capitalize on their traffic, said co-founder Sarah Taylor, the company's director of network services.


"Our publishers continue to ask us for more options to monetize their sites," she said, "and we now have CPM banners, pop-unders, CPC text ads, raw clicked traffic, CPA offers and interstitial ad units."


"As an adult sponsor, we view this as a significant incremental-revenue opportunity for publishers to further monetize their existing traffic," Adult AdWorld co-founder and CEO Daniel Rand said, "and [the company] will be launching two more incremental-revenue opportunities in the fourth quarter of 2007." 


Tracking tags are available in the "Get Codes" section of the Adult AdWorld site after logging in. Send questions to [email protected].