Adult Adventure Video Game BoneTown Now Available for Download, Purchase

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - D-Dub Software, responsible for introducing the world's first action-adventure porno PC video game, BoneTown, has announced the box version and digital download is now available on the BoneTown website.

"This game is the future of the adult industry," video game co-star and adult legend Ron Jeremy said.

Though BoneTown isn't the first game to spotlight sexual themes, it is the first video game to combine full-penetration sex with interactive gaming. BoneTown surrounds a virtual world where players compete for social status through challenges that combine hardcore sex, drug use, politically-incorrect humor and arcade-style fighting. The game's ultimate mission: to liberate BoneTown from the control of "The Man, Inc."

"We just wanted to make a video game that represented what we think is fun," said Hod, CEO of D-Dub Software. "We don't want to kill people or be wizards in a video game, we want to party and have sex."

D-Dub Software is hoping to alter the perception that video games and pornography are incompatible in today's market.

 "I usually don't play video games because they bore me," Jeremy said. "But this one is outrageous."

BoneTown is now available for purchase in a hard copy box version for $49.99 and a digital download version for $39.99.

For more information and purchase, visit the BoneTown website.