Abby Winters' Hall Issues Statement on Police Raid

MELBOURNE, Australia — G Media director Garion Hall, whose company offers adult content at, has released a statement about this week's police raid.

Hall said that contrary to Australian news reports, no charges were filed, he was not arrested, and no computer equipment was seized. 

According to the site SomebodyThinkOfTheChildren, Hall confirmed that Victoria police had a warrant to search company offices. He also said the raid was pushed for by a tabloid journalist for the Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun and that the writer has written about AbbyWinters in the past. Reviewing those past news stories, has determined the writer clearly has a biased agenda and issues with the adult industry in general.

According to Hall, police were given copies of all information they requested to see, were polite and not contentious in the least. Authorities did not take away any computers or hard drives.

Hall thanked Australian adult industry trade group Eros. Eros Executive Officer Fiona Patten, who also heads up the growing political body, the Sex Party, said the trade organization fully supports AbbyWinters, a long-term member, as well as backing its right to provide non-violent erotica.

One outspoken adult model, posting anonymously, said: "I have modeled for AbbyWinters regularly for the past few months, and I was upset to hear the news of the raid. I have never walked away from any of my shoots feeling that I was pressured, or manipulated. The different posing levels are explained thoroughly, and with no intention of pressuring us into going further than we are comfortable with. The conditions are exemplary; the pay is amazing; everything is done to make us models feel safe and in control. And in addition to this, the staff at G Media, some of which I know personally, are the most respectable and professional team I have ever come across in this industry. The AbbyWinters website gives us (Adult) females a chance to express ourselves and our sexuality, in a safe environment. I cannot say a bad word about G Media and I hope they aren't penalized further."

The Herald Sun had claimed equipment was seized and charges were pressed under section 24 of the Victorian Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Act 199, which states a person must not, for the purpose of gain, make or produce an "objectionable" film as so-named in the law's language.

In regards to the paper’s claim that the company shot underage models, displays a 2257 record-keeping compliance notice on its site and states all models are over 18 at the time of production. Additionally, the site's entry page for age verification of visitors includes the RTA and ICRA labels.

As previously reported by, Wicked Pictures distributes Abby Winters DVDs in the U.S.