Webmaster Access Europe Announces Opening Party Location

NEW YORK - Webmaster Access Europe, being held Sept. 25-27 at the Radisson SAS Hotel in the heart of Amsterdam, has announced the location of its Opening Welcome party.

The soiree will be held at the Rain Bar and Club, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. and will be produced by Cybersocket, presented by Epoch and sponsored by Bound Gods, Buddy Profts, Dicky Dollars, NakedSword, DHD Media and Gay Greenbacks.

"Rain bar, in the middle of Rembrandt square, is one of the nicest bars/clubs in Amsterdam and is also one of the largest," Morgan Sommer, president of Cybersocket told AVN Online. "We chose it primarily for the size and location. With our group we need space! Last year we were at the club next door and it was a little tight. We are hoping this space serves us better, plus this space is well designed, open to the floor below and offers a balcony that can hold 100 people. Additionally, there should be good airflow, et cetera."  

This event complements the show in that it is a consortium of companies pooling resources to produce the event for the benefit of everyone, Sommer added.  

"We all agree that together we are able to do more than any one of us could do on our own," he said. "That cooperative mindset is a big part of what we do at shows."

The bar upstairs will be open all night exclusively to event attendees and music will be a unique mix of the hottest house.

"We will all be banded and can use the bar downstairs as well," Sommer explained. "The music will consist of some of the best house on the scene right now."