Social-Networking Site Prepares to Open

SAN FRANCISCO - Zivity, a new adult social-networking site where members vote to rate models and photos, announced Monday it has secured the first round of financing for its upcoming launch.

The site will remain in private beta for the next few months while it acquires more models.

Zivity allows members to rate submitted content and interact with models and photographers. Under a voting system that lets members decide what content will be published, voters essentially distribute royalties.

The voting system is expected to attract quality content by relying on a selective community to challenge models and photographers to meet high standards. The site is billed as "the intersection of MySpace, Playboy magazine and ‘American Idol.'"

According to Cyan Banister, the site's co-founder and chief strategy officer, "Zivity is the site Playboy should have built.

"While MySpace is known for finding new musicians, Zivity is a place where models and photographers will be discovered," he said.