SlickCash Sponsors Playboy Party

Adult program SlickCash known for its exclusive niche sites, including the newest release, has signed on to be one of the premier sponsors of the Playboy Mansion Pajama Bash during Webmaster Access. The trade show will take place Nov. 8-11 in Universal City, Calif. As part of its sponsorship, Slickcash is offering exclusive invites to the first eight affiliates to send 10 sales to any Slickcash site on any day in October. The contest begins Oct. 9 and ends at midnight PST on Oct. 31.

Party invitations will be awarded to the next affiliate in line if winning webmasters are unable to attend. The award is limited to one ticket per person or company, and sales must be sent through revshare links. Winners will be announced as they occur.

“This sponsorship and contest are a natural for Slickcash,” says Slickcash president Greg Parsons. “Our motto is to take care of our webmasters; whatever they need—and we do reward with increased payouts, tools, etc. But every now and again, a really great event happens and you want to offer your webmasters something more. To have eight of our webmasters at the Slickcash table at the Playboy Mansion is going make it one fine evening.”

The Slickcash program offers webmasters up to $35 per sale or 60 percent in revshare, $25 per sale on console-free tours, and a 5 percent bonus for webmaster referrals.

Slickcash is also the co-host of the five-star dinner and wine tasting event at the sixth annual Island Gathering conference being held Oct 12th-16th in Curacao.