SlickCash Pays Facebook $500,000 in Alleged Hacking Suit

TORONTO - Affiliate program SlickCash has agreed to pay $500,000 to social-networking site FaceBook for allegedly hacking into Facebook's computers.

In addition to the payout, several SlickCash employees and others associated with the company agreed not to become Facebook members for 10 years and not to contact any members using personal information allegedly obtained from the hacking. SlickCash owner Greg was not immediately available for comment.

Court records show the suit was settled in April, but details were just recently entered into an online legal database.

Facebook filed the suit in December 2007 in San Jose, Calif., claiming SlickCash employees hacked into Facebook computers "and tried to access the personal information of users."

Facebook claimed in the suit that for two weeks in June 2007 "the defendants attempted to access Facebook's servers at least 200,000 times."

"Each of these requests sought to direct Facebook's computers to send information on other Facebook users back to (the company's Internet Protocol) address," court documents stated. "These requests for information from Facebook generated error messages and were detected as unauthorized attempts to access and harvest proprietary information."