Site Targets High-end Consumers

Tatum Reed announced the launch of her new urban-hardcore website, An amalgam of iconic images, consumerism, style, and intrigue, rather than smut and senselessness, the site is a portal for music, lifestyle reviews, and porn. Reed says it was created for the leisure-class consumer.

Reed, a self-proclaimed fashion maven, marketing genius, and narcissistic sexual connoisseur, is behind the successful Popwhore brand, and her site revolves around the daily sexual adventures of the “whore of pop culture,” herself. Reed is followed by a camera crew and often films the adventures herself.

“In the age of post-modern apocalyptic bliss, the theory of the leisure class has never been so attainable,” says Reed, who also is chairperson and chief executive officer. “ILovePopwhore is the place to reach men in the top 1 percent of income. These men are ready to spend large amounts of money for style.”

On the site, Reed states, “Placing my Blackberry and Sidekick aside, I take my delicate feminine hands and wrap them around a 3 chip camera to produce an edgy mix of realism, fantasy, and hardcore. This is my journey through the over saturated sexual wasteland.”

Mainstream companies already have taken an interest in ILovePopwhore, which currently offers trailers of Reed’s exploits.

“This is an excellent time for the porn industry,” says Reed. “All elements of porn demand are strong—especially demand for experiences of the highest quality. We are very pleased with ILovePopwhore’s brand of premium reality and remain focused on preserving and extending our leadership position.”