SexEntertain Announces Daily Updates for Studio Lines

LOS ANGELES - SexEntertain announced Tuesday that many of the studio lines "powered by SexEntertain" will now be updated daily.

Studio lines include Vivid, Cherry Boxxx, Erotic Men and Total Hentai, with more on the way.

Webmasters have been seeking a better way to retain members in the changing economic climate of the adult online industry, which is why SexEntertain is updating feeds more regularly.

Most studio lines are now being updated daily with new videos from the Individual studios library of scenes. These studio feeds are created, deployed, sold and serviced by SexEntertain in partnership with each studio.

"Using a daily updated product is one very easy and economical way for webmasters to make their sites "sticky" for members and in turn, more profitable for webmasters," RJ Friedman, co-owner of SexEntertain said. "When we looked at our competition, we saw that most Content providers were not able to provide daily updates and decided we would fill that need with the material from our various Studios vast libraries of content."

Most of the studio lines are available in Windows Media Video and Flash Video formats, and offer multiple playback speeds.

For more information, visit the SexEntertain website.