Playboy, Zivity Partner on Photo Shoot Contests

CYBERSPACE—Dubbed in 2008 the “Playboy of Web 2.0,” Zivity can now claim an actual partnership with Playboy. The subscription and vote-based artist/fan interaction platform is currently featuring a series of photo contests hosted by the venerable lifestyle brand.

“Are you a model or photographer looking to get discovered by Playboy? Zivity's the ticket,” reads the copy on the Custom Photo Shoots page. “We've partnered with Playboy on a series of custom photo shoot prizes that are picked by the Playboy community and the winners appear on Some may go on to be discovered by other Playboy projects.”

According to TechCrunch, the winners for each contest will be chosen starting in late September/early October, and will then be scouted for possible placement in Playboy magazine or other Playboy endeavors. Models must be at least 19 years of age and photographers must be at least 18.

TechCrunch considers the partnership a “big win” for Zivity, which launched in 2007 at TechCrunch40. Playboy may be hurting, they say, but the brand “remains huge.”

Those are sentiments sure to warm the cockles of Hugh Hefner.