Playboy Mansion to Host 'PJ and Lingerie Party'

LOS ANGELES - Webmaster Access West will close with the second annual Playboy Mansion PJ and Lingerie Party from 7 p.m. to midnight Friday.


For those with a "golden ticket" license to let their hair down and leave the suits behind, this year's event is expected to be bigger and better than its predecessor, as there are more girls and more entertainment on tap.


"We increased the number of painted girls from 20 to 50 for this year," said Eric Matis of ICS Entertainment, the Playboy division organizing the gathering. "And we will have an '80s cover band called Boogie Nights performing and Digital Underground to close out the night."


The event also will run a little longer this year, kicking off at 7 p.m. instead of 8 p.m.


"Last year, it almost felt like as soon as you got there, you were leaving to go home," Matis said.


While this technically is the third year for the party at the mansion, it's only the second year for the PJ and Lingerie theme, Matis added.


The idea for the theme came from mansion owner Hugh Hefner's preference to live, work and play in his trademark silk pajamas. Though nighttime attire is not required, Matis said, it does make for a more enjoyable evening.


"It's a theme party," he noted. "You wouldn't go to a Halloween party in a T-shirt and shorts, so why not go with the theme and have some fun?"


But not everyone can jump in their footie pajamas and make it through the gate; invitations are required.


"There is a certain level of exclusivity," Matis said. "This is a premier party."


In addition to drinks, food and entertainment, the event will offer tours of the grounds, including the zoo, Matis said.


"People always ask if they can see inside the house, but we tell them that even at Hugh's parties, no one gets into the house," he said. "We run this party just like he runs his."


Shuttles will be available to take attendees from the Universal Sheraton in Universal City, the site of Webmaster Access West, to the Playboy Mansion beginning at 7 p.m. Friday.


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