Playboy Goes Mobile

WALTHAM, Mass. - has announced that through a new deal with Quattro Wireless, it will begin providing its men's lifestyle and entertainment content to mobile devices.

Set to begin delivering a spectrum of offerings from non-nude photos of Playboy models to advice columns to games and reviews, this extension of uses Quattro's GetMobile Platform and will provide a new revenue stream for the company by incorporating ads from brands targeting the same audience as Playboy, such as AXE Vice body spray and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

"Playboy is one of the world's most recognized brands and, as our customers increasingly turn to their mobile devices for content, we now can reach them whenever and wherever they are," said Playboy VP of digital media Chris Petrovic. "Quattro enables Playboy to extend its reach into the mobile internet while maintaining brand consistency with our wired website and print publications."

"Playboy is always on the forefront of technological innovation," added Quattro VP of business development Lars Albright, "and they realize the mobile internet is an important, growing channel to reach their consumers. By combining their high caliber lifestyle content with relevant ad inventory via the mobile internet, Playboy continues to blaze a trail into new media, extending its brand recognition and leadership position to a new generation of mobile-savvy consumers."