Phil Varone Heads to ‘Big Bear’ Today for Vivid Swinging Series

LOS ANGELES—Vivid Entertainment is releasing 100% Real Swingers: Big Bear online at today, April 2, and in stores nationwide on April 16.

The movie stars former Saigon Kick and Skid Row drummer Phil Varone, who was also featured on VH1’s Celebrity Sex Rehab. Varone has been a swinger himself for over 20 years and is currently touring the country performing in a Saigon Kick reunion and to promote his tell-all memoir, Unphiltered: Real Life On and Off the Rock ‘N Roll Tour Bus, to be published April 17 by Riverdale Avenue Books.

In 100% Real Swingers: Big Bear, the latest movie in his exclusive Swinging Series for Vivid, Varone and his swinger friends head to the beautiful San Bernardino mountains aboard an RV, taking viewers behind the scenes to meet members of a secretive community that seem to have non-stop decadent sex. The cast is made up of real couples, not actors, at real locations. A hand held camera captures the wild erotic adventures inside the RV and at their destination cabin.

“The sex was definitely raw, but this may be our funniest swingers movie so far,” said Varone. “We all know there’s lots of swinging going on across the country, but it’s usually behind closed doors in private homes. This series opens those doors. If you think texting and driving can be difficult, just imagine the craziness of having sex on camera in an RV heading for Big Bear.”