North Regains Domain Control

Peter North has full control of his domain name—a domain that now resides in Gamma Entertainment’s FameDollars program—this we know. What’s a little hazier is just how moved from its former home in the Braincash program to its current one. Each side has a slightly different story of how the events transpired since the adult superstar announced he was severing ties with Braincash in December 2005, seven months before the terms of his contract expired. Braincash and parent company HLV in April filed suit against North for breach of contract.

North paints a picture of sabotage, malfeasance, and lack of communication. Braincash portrays North as a demanding prima donna who refuses to negotiate.

It may be good daytime theater, but it’s not much else.

North acquired in August and moved it to FameDollars. Braincash, which owned the domain, had shut the site down for a brief period before transferring the domain to North.

For his part, North released the following statement: “I am disappointed that my members experienced the transition in the manner in which they did, as there would have been many other, more positive ways for members and webmasters to experience a smooth transition. With the transition from HVL/Braincash to my new business partners, Gamma Entertainment, I took all precautionary measures possible to ensure members and webmasters would not be compromised, monetarily or otherwise. However, it is clear that, as hard as I tried to prevent any damage, there were actions taken beyond my control, which may have presented damaging consequences. As a professional in the adult business for over 22 years, I have always done everything in my power to be honest and forthright with people. I have built my reputation based on this foundation of trust and honesty; as an industry professional, producer and performer. Gamma Entertainment has been terrific in their support and assistance throughout this ordeal. Now that I have regained control over my website, I will work hard with my new partners to create a better website for webmasters to promote and my fans to join.”

Braincash, which first brought North’s hardcore style to the online consumer and enjoyed a mostly prosperous four-year relationship with the star, still operates two Peter North-themed sites: and Braincash retained rights to the content featured on those sites as part of its original contract with North.

While the trial for the breach of contract suit Braincash filed against North is scheduled for June 25, 2007, Braincash President Fred Valiquette says it’s pretty much business as usual.

“HVL has always put its members and webmasters first, and continues to do so. The expansion of the choices available to our members and webmasters to include the sites and has been successful for everyone,” Valiquette says. “As far as HVL’s lawsuit against North Pole is concerned, North Pole’s lawyers have recently dropped all of their initial demands until the court makes a decision late next year. HVL continues to seek a compromise solution, but we have been met with nothing but threats and unreasonable positions. Meanwhile, HVL/Braincash remains committed to providing the very best content to insure that our members and our alliance partners remain satisfied.”