NetCash Prepares for Additional Partnerships

NEW YORK - NetCash today announced it has integrated with some of the largest players in the adult content space, including Hustler, TrafficCashGold, Braincash, and DeluxePass. In addition, NetCash looks forward to its pending integrations with Playboy, LoveDollars, and others.

When coupled with previous implementations, NetCash has already captured a substantial share of the adult content market, the company said.

"NetCash began delivering results from the moment we integrated," said Michael H. Klein, president of LFP Internet Group LLC, parent company for Hustler's Internet services. "Implementation was a snap, and we are very pleased with how they are performing."

"NetCash is adding immediate and substantial value to participating websites," said Peter Shapiro, chief executive officer of NetCash. "We have become a must-have solution for merchants in the online content space."

NetCash is a virtual gift card that allows consumers to make anonymous online purchases through a one-click process that utilizes an anonymous and secure code. The NetCash consumer-facing product is both feature rich and easy to use. NetCash provides merchants with recurring billing, cross-selling, and other revenue-maximizing features.