Manwin and RK Netmedia File Notice of Merger

AUSTRIA—Adult companies Manwin and Reality Kings parent, RK Netmedia, have filed a merger notification with Austria's Federal Competition Authority, a rating enforcement agency that investigates and approves planned mergers.

Manwin has confirmed that the two companies have jointly authorized the filing with the Authority in furtherance of their discussions with respect to the terms of a potential proposed agreement. 

The merger notification for Manwin-RK Netmedia was made April 16. Not all intended mergers require enhanced scrutiny, however. In 2010, for instance, the Authority reviewed 54 merger filings, seven of which required an in-depth investigation. Two of those cases were challenged before eventually being resolved, and in the other five cases the parties withdrew the merger filings.

The terms of the contemplated agreement are not yet final, and Manwin and Reality Kings will provide further information as it becomes available.