MakingCoin Debuts VeggieBang

Adult affiliate program has launched a niche-centered new site,

The site features male and female sex play with an assortment of cucumbers, carrots, and bananas.

“This is a fantastic niche and very popular in both fetish and hardcore niches,” says Craig, owner of MakingCoin. “It pushes the normal boundaries, and surfers love the out-of-the-box style of porn.”

The program is also gearing up to launch ExtremePornPass, an all-inclusive site that offers access to all the MakingCoin sites.

“Offering a ton of content for one low price keeps members rebilling for months. We have seen great success in our limited testing, and we now want to send this offer out to our entire network,” says Craig.

The program offers affiliates Web designer services as well as a traffic manager services to help partners maximize conversions. All MakingCoin memberships allow instant access to all of the sites in its network.