Hush Hush Entertainment Expands Online Distribution Portfolio

CHATSWORTH - Hush Hush Entertainment recently expanded its online distribution portfolio through the launch of a new division within the company's flagship affiliate program, Hush Money.

The company has partnered with several of the industry's premier producers to bring recognized studios and respected directors to its new division.

"We've formed some strong relationships with established studios that produce great content and hold positions of stature and respect within the adult community," said Ralph Meow, spokesman for Hush Hush Entertainment. "Since late summer, we have been launching roughly one site a week."

Studios involved in the partnership include Smash Pictures and Third World Media, and directors Michael Stefano and Brother Love have also joined the lineup.

"Utilizing these well-known studios and producers, along with our famed interracial content, we plan to leverage the existing market with additional specialty micro-niches not yet found within the industry," Meow added.

Hush Hush Entertainment, responsible for the Blackzilla series, is renowned for its interracial content, but is more than just "big, black penis," Meow explained. "As we continue to diversify and expand our presence into the market, we look forward to the industry changing and consolidating into the next era of adult entertainment. The ride has been wild and a lot of fun."

For more information, visit Hush Hush Entertainment or contact Vice President of Distribution Megan Stokes at [email protected].