Facebook Does an About Face; Reinstates Model’s Profile

TORONTO—It turns out Facebook is not immune to negative publicity after all, especially when it has to do with gorgeous Playboy models getting booted willy-nilly off the site.

After Toronto resident and model Anissa Holmes had her profile disabled last month for posting non-nude photos to her page that were considered too racy by the social networking monolith, a whole pile of poop hit the fan. To make matters worse, Facebook also disabled the profile of radio show host Ryan Doyle after he did a story on Holmes’ social networking misfortune.

Well, Big Brother obviously did not realize that little sister was not going to take the slight sitting down. Holmes filed a complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada after Facebook refused to return or delete the hundreds of pictures she had posted on her page, and the media coverage that only seemed to be growing finally forced FB’s hand.

Yesterday both Holmes, 28, and Doyle, 32, were notified that their profiles had been reinstated.

According to the Toronto Sun, a Canadian-based Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on the situation. "Citing privacy, we just can't comment on individual user accounts," Alex Brown told the paper, which also reported that Facebook apologized to Holmes but not to Doyle.

No word from Holmes how she survived her time in exile, but Dolye was clearly thrown for a loop.

"It was horrible, absolutely horrible," Doyle said, describing his four days in hell. "I just felt so out of touch with everybody I know. I was talking about it with a friend and I compared it to when you get kicked out of the bar, and you don't know why you got kicked out of the bar, and all you can do is stand outside and see all of your friends in there still having a good time."

Sounds like it’s time for a drink.