ExtremeBoyz Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Popular twink bondage website ExtremeBoyz.com is offering $20 one-year memberships to celebrate its fifth year of operation, site founder Joe Roberts says. “The idea of creating quality content out of our love of the genre for all responsible adults to enjoy is the basis of ExtremeBoyz.com,” says Roberts. “By offering our one-year membership at only $20, we are celebrating the very principle that has made our site a success—we believe all responsible adults wishing to fulfill a desire should be able to do so regardless of financial limitation.”

ExtremeBoyz was founded in 2001 shortly before the introduction of the site’s main model, Tal. After Tal’s debut, explains Roberts, “the site rapidly became a major player in the online twink bondage market. Tal’s passion and desire to perform in front of the camera comes through in each of his shoots. He’s truly a natural and has found a very loyal fan base over the years.”

After its online success, ExtremeBoyz soon found a new audience with the introduction of the Extreme Boyz Chronicles DVDs, originally marketed through Torsion Video Productions. The combined efforts of the two companies soon resulted in the creation of FandaCo LLC, now the parent company of ExtremeBoyz.com and FandaCo Video Distribution.

“It’s been a fun and exciting ride so far,” says Roberts. “I’m very much looking forward to the next five years—and beyond.”