Epoch Launches YouTube Video Series

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Credit card processor Epoch has taken its message to the masses by developing a series of educational YouTube videos.

"By placing the videos on YouTube, everyone has access to the information we are putting out, not just our clients," Communications Director Rand Pate told AVN Online on Friday. "We are able to reach a lot of people this way. Newsletters are great, but the video format is an appealing medium that people can sit back, relax and take in. And they can watch it over and again and even share it with others, so the effort that goes into producing it is well worth it."

Epoch plans to produce several videos to introduce new products and explain its services.

Pate said the first video, which covers international billing, was created in response to receiving "a lot of questions from webmasters who are confused by Visa's rules about cross-border acquiring."

"Once we point out what Visa has said about this issue," he said, "many webmasters are surprised but very thankful for the information."

Pate said the response to video series has been "great."  

"Everyone seems to like this format, and you can be sure we'll produce more as warranted," he said. "We have a lot to talk about, and we look forward to helping as many webmasters and programs as we can."