AEBN and PinkTV Partner

Adult media powerhouses PinkTV and Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network have joined forces to offer unique, cutting-edge films for viewers. The move begins AEBN’s exclusive partnership with the adult television network, which celebrates its first venture into enticing video-on-demand.

PinkTV is straightforward about the mainstream-friendly company’s mission “to take over the world with an Army of Naked Sluts,” according to its president, Jan Verleur. With headquarters in both Miami and Prague, the company operates as Heat TV in Europe, where they have a license that allows its channel to be broadcast throughout the European Union.

The PinkTV lineup includes a game show, a fetish-themed design series a la TLC’s Trading Spaces, a news hour called “The Fucking News,” and a reality series set in a European brothel. Some of this content now will be available exclusively through AEBN.

“We chose AEBN to be the first to have our content because of its robust delivery mediums and large loyal member base,” explains Dan Recio, PinkTV’s vice president. “It makes AEBN the perfect company to deliver our previously unreleased premier content to the masses.”

“We’re completely excited to have PinkTV as one of our partners,” says AEBN representative Eva. “They produce high-quality programming that is a true convergence between mainstream and adult. We're extremely fortunate to have a chance to deliver this kind of content to our customers and set a new standard adult entertainment."

The first series to be added to AEBN’s library is Into the Mist, PinkTV’s hardcore dramatic BDSM television series that’s the first of its kind. The content will debut on Sept. 29.