7th Annual Arse Elektronika to Tackle 'Id/entity'

SAN FRANCISCO—The 7th annual Arse Elektronika sex-tech conference, taking place Thursday through Sunday at various locations in San Francisco, explores the theme of "id/entity" through an array of seminars, performances and other presentations.

Presented by monocrom, the confrerence gets underway with a book launch party Thursday evening at Chez Poulet for new Arse Elektronika anthology Screw the System: Explorations of Spaces, Games and Politics Through Sexuality and Technology.

On Friday and Saturday, at the Center for Sex and Culture, scheduled programs will include keynote speech "19 Years in the Porn Mines" by Christophe Pettus, "Advertising for Sex Outlaws" by Maggie Mayhem, "Future of Fornication: Open Love in the Open Generation" by Lex Pelger, "Digital Dildo Crafting in the Jungle" by Rex Johnson, and a screening of the 1987 film Cherry 2000

The event wraps up Sunday at Noisebridge, with offerings that incude "David Fine's Penis Idea," "Making a Vibrator That Listens to Your Body" by Micah Elizabeth Scott, and "Sex, Lies and Porn on USB" with Arse Elektronika organizer Johannes Grenzfurthner and comedian/podcast host Yoshi Obayashi.

For more information on Arse Elektronika, visit monocrom.at/arse-elektronika.