420Girls.com Inspires Book

DRONTEN, Netherlands - Rob Griffin's new book Naked Girls Smoking Weed, inspired by the 420 Girls website, features cannabis facts and photography representing the best of 420 Girls.


The hardcover book, published by Goliath Books, contains hundreds of naked photos of Playboy Bunnies, Penthouse Pets and amateur models smoking and praising cannabis. Designed to raise awareness, each page include facts and quotes about hemp and marijuana. 


"420 Girls want[s] to change international cannabis laws by creating awareness through entertainment," Griffin said. "The goal is to decriminalize hemp and marijuana for medicine and natural resources. ... I hope to accomplish this by coupling entertainment and education. The war on marijuana and industrial hemp is, in fact, a war on information. First we educate, and then we vote."


Griffin said he came up with the idea for the book while working in his lab late one night.


"Women are the most precious of beings and should carry my message to the world," he said. "Readers from all cultures, classes and professions will admire the beautiful imagery, allowing me to spread cannabis awareness, utilizing integrated interviews, facts and quotes."


Griffin, a marijuana activist, has endeavored to capture the essence of naked women smoking weed since 1993. His fan base grew with the advent of MySpace and the blogosphere, which helped bring together like-minded people.


"Apparently, where there's smoke, there's interest," he said.