3DKink.com Drags Virtual, Interactive Sex Into the Dungeon

SAN FRANCISCO—Kink.com has relaunched 3DKink.com, a three-dimensional virtual world game in which users have complete control over their kinkiest fantasies.

The newest addition to the Kink.com family of alternative sexuality sites, 3DKink.com brings the same perverted sensibility and exotic aesthetic to the video gaming world. Developed with game developer Thrixxx, the game puts players in the director's chair at a kinky video shoot, where they get to select and customize slaves, dommes, settings, toys, positions, action and more.

“In this fully interactive game,” the 3DKink websites reads, “you create a beautiful naked sex slave, dominant woman or hunk from scratch in a virtual, interactive 3D environment. This erotic online game for adults lets you build exactly the submissive slut, dominatrix and big dick stud you want. You direct a hardcore sex scene: hard fucking, bondage, punishment, flogging, spanking, threesomes, and more. Watch your slave get bound, whipped, spanked, teased, or fucked by a big hard cock— it's your choice!”
According to Kink.com Chief Operating Officer Daniel Riedel, the interactive nature of the game is exactly what they wanted for their new synthetic environment. "People in a virtual world want to play with their sexuality—you can be whatever you want to be," he said "With a site like 3DKink.com, the user selects every detail of a scene and essentially directs it. It's like having fantasy slaves and dommes at your fingertips."

Riedel believes Kink.com fans will particularly appreciate the aesthetics and design of the game, which match the look and feel of the company's extended family of fetish sites. 

"The difference between 3DKink.com and other erotic games is that here it looks like you're actually in the Kink.com world," said Chris Fanes, 3DKink.com's project manager. "It'll be very familiar to fans of our fetish websites. Everything's red and black; there are a lot of strap-ons, a lot of latex fetish wear, leather, kinky sets, a lot of BDSM and bondage options."

"If you ever wanted to be the director of your own Kink.com website, this is how you do it—in three-dimensional animation," said Fanes. "If you've ever watched a scene and thought, 'This is hot, but it would have been hotter if they did it slightly different'—you can write a scene like that, and the characters will act it out in this virtual world. Or you can come up with your own ideas from scratch, based on whatever turns you on."

According to Fanes, the downloadable game will be continuously expanded and will add new interactive features at the request of users. "If people see something they'd like the game to be able to do, but it doesn't yet, they can let us know," he said. "If there's enough interest, we'll put that feature in development. The interactive nature of 3DKink.com will allow our users to really customize their fantasies to the point where they're practically living them."

For more information, visit 3DKink.com or contact the Director of Communications at [email protected].

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