2Bet.com Re-launches Webmaster Poker Tournaments

Online gaming site 2Bet.com announced it has re-launched after three months with new features, updated game software and sponsors. Additionally, 2bet.com has announced the return of its Daily Webmaster Poker Tournaments.

"I am very happy with the new layout of the game, its features and the tourney structures," Bobby Taylor, owner of 2Bet.com, told AVN Online. "We've been working on things for a while and I feel it will be better than ever."

Several changes have been made to the layout of each tournament. Participants must be an affiliate of the sponsor and they must create or update their 2Bet.com account to a real money account, which is free. They must also log in to their affiliate account for the listed tournament each day in order to receive the password to play and they must follow qualification requirements for each sponsor found on PokerVagina.com.

"The tourneys are password protected, meaning affiliates have to create a new account or log into their existing one in order to obtain the password, which not only drives in new affiliates, but significantly increases activity from both old and new affiliates," Taylor said.  

Featured updates include table design and game features, high-quality servers for faster response time, additional game options and big prizes. Sponsors will be running 10 Week Qualifiers for entry into the 11th Week Final Table Tournaments.

Poker tournaments are free to enter and no real money transactions take place to enter. 2Bet.com does not accept real money transactions from U.S. players, only real money accounts, which is all that is needed to take part in the Daily Webmaster Poker Tournaments. Poker Vagina offers the daily webmaster poker tournament schedule, which can be referred to daily for all the necessary information. 

"As always, these tourneys are designed to increase exposure and productivity to our sponsors while providing a source of entertainment for the industry," Taylor explained.

Accounts that have been inactive over the last couple of months will need to be reopened to download the new version. Download times vary, but are approximately five minutes.

Current Main Sponsors include Hi Def Dollars, Satan Cash, Smash Bucks, Adult Insider, Blazing Bucks and abadss.com.

For more information and scheduling, visit 2Bet.com and PokerVagina.com.