2000Charge Offers Direct Pay US

PASADENA, Calif. - 2000Charge, a provider of alternative online-payment solutions, offers Direct Pay US to help merchants reduce "unauthorized returns" on U.S. check transactions.


Direct Pay US combats unauthorized returns on check transactions by allowing customers to make payments from their checking or savings accounts through their bank's website.


2000Charge's introduction of this payment option follows an announcement that NACHA will impose steep fines on third-party processors and their merchants for unauthorized return charges. NACHA also limits merchants to 1 percent on debit items in a 60-day period.


"The timing for introducing this payment mechanism could not be better," said Wolf Kring, CEO of 2000Charge. "High-risk merchants looking for a solid U.S. alternative billing solution to avoid being charged hefty fines imposed by NACHA now have an alternative."


According to 2000Charge, Direct Pay US eliminates the risk of costly charge-backs because each transaction is initiated and carried out by the customer. More importantly, the company said, DirectPay US is connected to all major U.S. banks and provides a trusted and easy-to-use solution.