2000 Charge Recruits PR Kitty’s Jenni Dahling

PASADENA - Alternative online billing solution provider 2000 Charge has announced the enlistment of PR Kitty's Jenni Dahling as brand representative and marketing consultant.

"We are looking forward to working with Jenni," Wolf Kring, CEO of 2000 Charge said. "She's an asset to us with her contacts in the industry and understanding of tactical partnering."

Dahling will be appearing at many shows to develop and encourage business-to-business opportunities on behalf of 2000 Charge.

"Only a small percentage of the world has credit cards, so that portion is accustomed to paying with alternate methods," Dahling explained. "Therefore it makes sense to offer alternative billing solutions in a language they can understand. I'm glad to get the word out and get folks paid."

2000 Charge offers speedy, secure and easy to set-up online transaction services that enable Web merchants to accept and process real-time European EUDEBIT, as well as ACH, and DirectPay.

Jenni Dahling will be accompanying the European 2000 Charge team during her debut at the Webmaster Access Amsterdam show.

For more information visit the 2000 Charge and PR kitty websites.