ZTEK Natural Care Products Looks to Enter Pleasure Products Realm

LOS ANGELES—A Southern California-based mainstream company considered a leader in the manufacture of natural personal care products is looking to bring its products to the pleasure products sector.

ZTEK—makers of Skin TEK, Surface TEK, Kombat TEK and Body Mod/Tattoo TEK—launched in 2016, creating personal and environmental care products that utilize 100 percent pure medical-grade silver. Consisting of pure silver powder and all-natural botanicals, ZTEK uses the latest development in natural care and silver science, with a non-nano antibacterial technology. Unlike nano silver which can lodge in the bloodstream, the pure silver used in ZTEK is a proprietary technology that sits on top of the skin to boost skin’s own microflora, purifying skin against unfriendly bacteria, while at the same time healing and hydrating. 

The brand and product addresses a wide range of hygienic and bacterial concerns, including helping prevent the bacterial contraction and transmission of diseases, transferred from skin-to-skin, and/or skin-to-surface contact; especially in common shared spaces/hi-traffic areas. Sweat, abrasions and direct or indirect contact with the lesions and secretions of others combine to make the skin vulnerable to a host of problems, and ZTEK skin and surface products combine green technology to purify and protect everything from skin to surfaces to gym equipment to pet paws and more.

“Different formulations can be used for different surfaces and more,” Steve Brent, chairman and co-founder of ZTEK, told AVN.

Brent said unlike an antibacterial gel or hand sanitizer, which traditionally have alcohol bases that can dry out skin, ZTEK products soak into skin and help to shield it. The formulas also clean surfaces, protecting them from germs, bacteria and fungus.

It’s these qualities of ZTEK products, Brent said, that makes the formulations perfect for the pleasure products industry. ZTEK products can be used to safely purify and protect sensitive areas of the body, as well as pleasure products themselves.

Currently, ZTEK products are packaged in 4-ounce foil pouches with a carabiner clip, but Brent noted the packaging can be modified. Additionally, TEK is already manufacturing a version for use with sex toys, calling it Spray & Play, and packaging it in hot pink foil pouches.

ZTEK is currently looking for companies to enter into a while-label partnership, as well as for distributors in the adult pleasure products industry.

For more information, visit ZTEK.Life.