Zalo Launches Egyptian-Inspired Queen Collection

CHICAGO—Zalo USA is set to release its fourth collection, the Queen G-spot Vibrator with PulsWave technology and detachable suction accessory.

The range will officially launch on Aug. 20.

The Queen G-spot vibrator by Zalo introduces electromagnetic PulsWave technology, which uses a wave-type motor in combination with a vibration motor. The streamlined design is modeled to intimately fit sensitive areas with ridges to promote touch sensation. 

Queen has eight vibration modes, eight pulse-wave modes, and intelligent 107 degrees Fahrenheit (42 degrees Celsius) heating temperature control. PulsWave technology uses adjustable intensity with a range up to 75 sets of stimulation per second. Its carefully crafted sleek design is convex in the center with an angled form, allowing for point-to-point waving stimulation and wave-press G-spot at high frequency.

The Cleopatra-inspired unique snake charm design control features a Swarovski Crystal and three separate buttons which control heating, the vibration motor and the wave motor. The suction accessory makes it a versatile model ideal for clitoris stimulation and breast teasing.

Queen by Zalo uses body-safe Dow Corning food-level silicone that meets FDA requirements, with an exclusive Softek skin imitation silicone layer.

Additionally, the Queen is waterproof.

The piece runs between two and four hours on a full charge, and comes with a magnetic USB charger.

As featured with previous collections from Zalo brand, the Zalo Queen line comes with an internal Bluetooth, which uses a simple one-click method to connect with APP technology, the models offer multiple dating modes for individual preference. Users can create their own vibration mode for a personal experience which is unique to them.

Queen model comes in three colors: Twilight Purple, Jewel Green and Wine Red. It is affordably priced in the U.S. in the range of MRSP $149 to $160.

Queen is the fourth collection from Zalo brand. The three previous collections released in North America in 2017 are the Versailles Series, the Lolita Series and Sweet Magic. Each offer distinct qualities in their respective designs to cater to different stimulation preferences.

The Zalo Brand is an intimate product brand that was created to promote positive self care and help people to feel more beautiful, healthy and more confident. Zalo was created for love and beauty, inspired by a zealous approach to living, Zalo prides itself on its commitment to meticulous professionalism in the manufacture of the products. Zalo transformed these philosophical ideas and high technology into luxury high quality series to promote physical and mental harmony, and guide users to reward our world with heart full of love.

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