YESforLOV Sensations & Prowess Couples Elixir Now at Eropartner

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands—YESforLOV Sensations & Prowess Couples Elixir, a formula that creates sensations of hot and cold created while intensifying clitoral arousal and prolonging pleasure for the penis, is now available at Eropartner.

Liven up your relationship with the arousal generated by this intimate cream. Both partners can enjoy the sensation of hot and cold created by its active ingredients. The intimate parts of your body are all aquiver in unprecedented pleasure, amplifying every sensation and endlessly renewing the joys of orgasm.

Just a drop of this cream applied to the penis and languorously rubbed against the clitoris and labia of the lucky partner is enough to create unprecedented arousal in women, as well as increased control of her partner's sexual capacities. Both performance and pleasure are increased for more intense, tremulous and unforgettable lovemaking.

YESforLOV Sensations & Prowess Couples Elixir marks an extension of the realm of pleasure whilst taking care to respect the natural harmony of the skin and intimate areas. It uses a hypoallergenic formula tested by gynecologists, with a physiological pH, which is guaranteed paraben-free, allergen-free, mineral oil-free and silicon-free. (Not for use during pregnancy).

This exclusive and unprecedented lovers' cream is dedicated to all couples, new and old, short and long-term, exclusive and shared … to all sacred duos that have given themselves to each other with confidence and passion, who know each other's bodies like their own, who have given everything and received everything and are looking for even more pleasure.

YESforLOV Sensations & Prowess Couples Elixir is now available at Eropartner Distribution. For more, visit