WOW Tech Unveils New Brands, Tech Standards at eroFame

  • BERLIN—Reps from WOW Tech hosted an exclusive partner event during eroFame to announce the launch of two new brands and technology standards.

    The event—attended by more than 350 guests from more than 50 countries—took place in the Peppermint Pavilion on Oct. 8. Guests received insights into new technologies, products and brands, in advance of their official launch. 

    “As one of the leading SX Tech companies, WOW Tech focuses on quality, innovation and science. This evening, we were again able to prove that we are the leading innovation driver in the industry. We are delighted that so many of our partners arrived earlier to eroFame to be part of VISION WOW. I am proud of our strong team that is committed to meeting the needs of our partners and customers every day,” said Thuve Bremen at the end of the evening. 

    Well-known German host Kerstin Linnartz led the audience through the program, while WOW Tech Chief Commercial Officer Thuve Bremen and Director of Marketing Jan Greuter presented the latest products and brands. 

    The audience loved the event, the new product offerings and the new brands that the company presented. The WOW Tech Team also received praise from the eroFame expo organizers.  


    Overview of new launches 

    We-Connect 4.0: App impresses with new features 

    The We-Connect app has been used more than 15 million times by couples all over the world since it launched five years ago. Based on market research, interviews and focus groups, We-Vibe has developed We-Connect 4.0, which unites and implements all the consumer insights collected. The new app features Full Screen Video Chat, Instant Messaging and a Wide Screen Remote function, among other new features. 


    We-Vibe Chorus: Intelligent sensors for new intimacy 

    We-Vibe Chorus unites the similar and beloved shape of the best-selling We-Vibe Sync with numerous new technological features for couples to discover. Chorus comes with an innovative “squeeze” remote. The pressure of the squeeze from the hand controls the intensity of the vibration. Pair Chorus with the We-Connect app for new iModes that promise a completely new responsive experience. 

    Additionally, WOW Tech has equipped Chorus with new AnkorLink technology, establishing a new connection standard in the sex toy industry. Bluetooth technology is limited in that its signal is reflected by water and as more than 80 percent of the body consists of water, Bluetooth’s reliability is limited in the adult toy industry. AnkorLink by WOW Tech solves this problem.  


    Wand by We-Vibe: Rumbly vibrations meet Smart Silence 

    Wand by We-Vibe is the first wand on the market to utilize We-Vibe’s proven powerful, quiet motors with their rumbly vibrations combined with the revolutionary Smart Silence technology already in use in some WomanizerTM products. The vibration levels and modes can be changed smoothly thanks to a joystick function on the handle ("seamless control"). With this, WOW Tech establishes another new technology standard. Additionally, Wand comes with two optional attachments to add variety to couples’ play. 


    ROMP: New brand offer for partners 

    WOW Tech launched the new brand ROMP—a fun and accessible option for our B2B partners, enabling them to cater to a wider customer group with lower pricing points. The product range includes all major categories of vibrators and three Pleasure Air offerings at a lower price point than WOW Tech premium brands. 


    Arcwave: Male masturbation revolutionized 

    Starting with a brand claim of Pleasure Redefined, WOW Tech is launching a male-focused brand that will revolutionize masturbation for men. Arcwave represents high-performance technology, a bold attitude, and original design. The first Acrwave products will launched in early 2020. 


    All new products and brands were featured at the WOW Tech eroFame booth, which underlined the company’s multi-brand strategy. Each of the brands had their own area where visitors could get more detailed information and be immersed in the brand experience. In addition, WOW Tech brand experts gave multiple daily presentations on all upcoming innovations. 

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