O*Diaries Relaunches from WOW Tech to Better Reflect Portfolio

OTTAWA—WOW Tech has relaunched its premium e-magazine O Diaries.

The fresh design of the rebranded O*Diaries mirrors the new mission: O*Diaries is all about freedom.

“Freedom of thought and freedom of fantasies. In short: sex-positivity. We believe in the democratization of sex through information, opinion, inspiration and, of course, fun,” says Johanna Rief, head of communications at WOW Tech. “We want to create a magazine that is for everyone, and that speaks openly about taboo topics!”

O*Diaries’ topics include sex, partnership, sexual health, sexual well-being and sexual fulfillment. 

With half a million visitors since launch and 40.000 page views per month, O*Diaries is now a popular magazine for readers around the world. This month, O Diaries has been relaunched as the go-to magazine for all WOW Tech Brands – Womanizer, We-Vibe, Arcwave and Romp—to reflect a broader range of topics and people.

The new logo with the asterisk represents the flexibility and accessibility of the O*Diaries brand. The asterisk implies what readers can discover inside the e-magazine: stories and advice about sex, love and unique experiences.

The e-magazine is available in English and German. Retailers have the option to post links to the articles on their social media channels and to offer their customers content. 

For more, visit O*Diaries.