WOW Tech Debuts Romp Range, Taps Nalpac As Distribution Partner

FERNDALE, Mich.—WOW Tech has launched its newest range of products, Romp, and has chosen adult distributor Nalpac as a partner to carry the line.

“We are excited to continue strengthening our relationship with WOW Tech, who has been an outstanding partner. Nalpac loves Romp because it offers packaging and marketing that appeals to the full spectrum of sexualities and lifestyles while offering a high-quality product,” said Andy Craig, Nalpac COO.  

Romp is the much anticipated and entry-level addition to the WOW Tech family, partnered alongside Womanizer, We-Vibe and pjur.

Sexual satisfaction comes in all shapes and sizes, and Romp embraces every single one of them. By making sex toys available to everyone, Romp is helping people explore their curiosity with confidence. Romp products are carefully designed to meet the highest standards, all while retaining a fun, fresh vibe. Add color to sex with nine new SKUs from Romp, including Shine, Switch, Free, Jazz, Hype, Flip, Beat, Juke, and Wave.

Three of Romp’s new products—the Shine, Switch and Free—use Wow Tech’s trademarked Pleasure Air Technology. Pleasure Air Technology is a unique innovation that has revolutionized the orgasm experience. This game-changing technology employs a choreographed interplay of suction and massage, while gentle shifts in air pressure stimulate the clitoris without direct contact—taking pleasure to new heights.

“Our mission with Romp is to bring pleasure to the people. We are thrilled to be partnering with NALPAC to launch Romp in distribution and bring the brand to the people. Romp is a perfect opportunity for new users to meet WOW Tech and build a life long relationship with our brands,” said Simon Smith, vice president of WOW Tech.

Other products from Romp include a variety of vibrators designed with pleasure in mind. Move to a new rhythm with the Romp Jazz, featuring dual stimulation and a soft tip; the Romp Jazz marches to its own beat. Romp Hype rumbles with deep vibrations and features a soft tip for pleasure with a gentle touch. There‘s no need to bend over backward with Romp Flip. Waterproof and versatile, this Wand style toy makes exploring pleasure easy. Romp Beat is a versatile bullet vibrator that‘s perfect for clitoral and internal stimulation. The Romp Juke presses play on a little something extra. It’s ergonomically shaped to rest comfortably in your palm, taking satisfaction into your own hands. The Romp Wave is a small but powerful clitoral stimulator with a subtle design to make it nightstand-friendly. Pick your pleasure at Nalpac today with Romp.

As a partner and full-line distributor, Nalpac has been supplied with premium Romp promotional materials, including product stands and self-supporting displays, as well as Slatwall skins and additional branding materials. For any store or space, Romp has smart and simple solutions for marketing materials all available through Nalpac. Romp also offers a two-year limited manufacturer warranty on all products.

Nalpac customers with questions about any of the Romp products or to place an order can contact their Nalpac sales representative. New prospective Nalpac customers can email [email protected] to get an account set up. To sign up for the Nalpac email newsletter and take advantage of significant savings, special promotions and online education tools, visit Nalpac’s blog at