Womanizer Debuts Plus Model for Greater Comfort

SAN FRANCISCO—epi24, the makers of the Womanizer family of products, announced today the release of its newest model, the Womanizer Plus, ergonomically redesigned to give women an extended reach during masturbation, improving comfort and ease of use.  

“We understand our customers want quality, which is why we continue to improve our products. Above all, customers want a user-friendly experince,” said Ryan Poirier, epi24 USA vice president. “We are extremely excited that we’ve been able to achieve both with the Womanizer Plus, and feel confident our customers will love it!”

The Womanizer is an indirect clitoral stimulator specifically designed to produce orgasms in women in as little as 60 seconds.

The Plus is based on the same PleasureAir Technology as the original Womanizer, which produces quick and often multiple orgasms by using air pressure waves instead of vibrations. It features a sleek, wand-style elongated stem to give women an extended reach—should they need it—and is designed to give right and left-handers quick access to the controls which are placed at the top of the handle. The Plus also makes it easy for women to switch back and forth between its eight intensity settings without losing the angle, making the entire experience more enjoyable.

Other key features of the Womanizer Plus key include a two-year warranty, waterproof design, a discreet carrying case, interchangeable silicon stimulation tips and USB and wall chargers.

The Plus comes in a crisp white-and-black color combination that’s accented with sleek gold trim to emphasize the stylish design. It retails for $219 and is available at Womanizer.com.