Womanizer Hosts ‘Future is WOW’ B2B Event to Debut New Items

BERLIN—The folks at Womanizer recently hosted a B2B event that culminated with the launch of the Womanizer Classic and the Womanizer Premium.

The new products will be available in stores at the end of June.

In a venue near the river Spree, the event was opened by German actress Annabelle Mandeng.

Johannes Plettenberg, managing director, and Michael Lenke, inventor of the
Womanizer, welcomed the participants.

They were followed by the keynote speech by
award-winning journalist, sex educator and podcaster Alix Fox. The London native
believes “technology should be developed intelligently and primarily for the
human benefit,” and she adds that “this is exactly the case with Womanizer—here,
technology is used in such a way that the human needs are in the foreground.”

After the lecture, a user (employed, married and mother
of two children) reported on her personal Womanizer experience. This served as the
introduction for the presentation of the new products by Thuve Bremen, director of sales
and marketing.

Finally, a 4-hour boat trip along the Spree including a delicious dinner, cool drinks and
hot music was the perfect way to end the day.
The participants spent Friday in several workshops on topics such as Public Relations
or Boost your Business. In the afternoon, the participants had the opportunity to
exchange ideas with individual experts from the Womanizer team in personal

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