Womanizer Announces Addition of Pro40 Version

SAN FRANCISCO—epi24, makers of the Womanizer, announced the newest addition to its range of products: the Womanizer Pro40.

The waterproof Womanizer Pro40 offers eight intensity levels. The piece is covered in silicone, boasts a rechargeable lithium battery and has a two-year warranty. The latest version comes with stimulation heads in multiple sizes to accommodate all body types, and retails for $99 at Womanizer.com.

“The $99 Womanizer is ideal for those who want to experience the Womanizer brand at an introductory price point. It’s still a Womanizer so it’s guaranteed to help women experience an entirely different orgasm—often multiple times—and most importantly, without desensitizing the clitoris. It’s also great for those who are new to sex toys and want to experiment with a trusted brand,” said Morgan Rossi, epi24 USA spokesperson.

The Womanizer is known for helping women experience incredibly quick, often multiple orgasms using indirect stimulation that’s comparable to oral sex. It’s based on patented PleasureAir Technology, which has led the brand to become one of the best selling sex toys on the market. It’s received positive reviews by women and the media alike, and also won Outstanding Product for Women from AVN at the 2016 ‘O Awards.

“We’ve spent years perfecting PleasureAir Technology to ensure our customers receive a seamless, and safe experience every time. We’re proud to add the $99 Womanizer Pro40 to our collection to ensure all women have an opportunity to discover and play with our PleasureAir intimacy products, without sacrificing quality,” said Ryan Poirier, vice president of epi24 USA.

The Womanizer is available at Good Vibrations, Babeland, Hustler Hollywood, Peekay Stores, and other sex positive retailers. Look for the Womanizer logo to ensure you are purchasing a device with the company’s patented PleasureAir technology.