Williams Trading Univ. Channel Posts 1st Aneros-Sponsored Course

PENNSAUKEN, N.J.—Williams Trading Co has launched its first course on the Williams Trading University Sexual Health and Wellness Channel.

The inaugural course for the new channel was created by the award-winning e-Learning platform Prostate Health - Sponsored by Aneros.  In this video, retailers and other students are introduced to content that focuses on better assisting consumers who are interested in better understanding health and wellness issues that they might have. 

While the original Williams Trading University platform focuses on educating retailers on products and product lines, the Sexual Health and Wellness Channel instead features content from accredited educators in the adult industry that covers a host of health and wellness concerns. 

“Partnering with a brand like Aneros, which is a leading manufacturer of products that directly impact prostate health and wellness, was a natural choice for us,” explained Rachel M, who has been coordinating the Health & Wellness Channel since June. “This new channel is going to help retailers be able to address a broader range of concerns consumers come into stores with these days, especially as society is starting to look at sex and sexuality as something that should be discussed rather than stigmatized.”

The course, sponsored by Aneros, focuses on prostate health awareness, and issues that those born biologically male might potentially face, such as erectile dysfunction caused by conditions like prostatitis. Those watching the video will learn about the location and functions of the prostate, conditions that can potentially cause problems with prostate function that impacts overall wellness, and the benefits of prostate massage.

Brent Aldon, director of sales & marketing for Aneros, commented, “Aneros is excited to partner with Williams Trading for their new Sexual Health and Wellness platform within their Williams Trading University. As leaders of the sexual health and wellness industry, the decision to collaborate with the like-minded leaders of Williams Trading learning platforms was an easy one.”

The content of the course was a collaboration between Aneros' own experts, and accredited educator Dr. Sunny Rodgers, Ph.D.. “Aneros is honored to work with Dr. Sunny Rodgers, an important and distinguished figure within the industry. The mission of Aneros has always been to spread awareness and education about the benefits of sexual health and wellness,” says Aldon. “This collaboration will be beneficial for all those who need more detailed education and training in sexual health products. Aneros has been first for many important events in the timeline of the sexual health and wellness industry, and we hope to continue that tradition.”

Like the Williams Trading University e-Learning platform, the Sexual Health & Wellness Channel is a free e-Learning channel available to anyone interested in learning about topics pertaining directly to sexual health and wellness, not just Williams Trading Co customers.

Each course features content on a topic of sexual health and wellness, followed by a short quiz to test learners’ newfound knowledge. Most courses also contain additional downloadable material for learners, and links to external academic resources within the course that enable e-Learners to deepen their knowledge of a subject. 

Like courses on Williams Trading University, students are asked to register their completion, and each completion gains an entry into a prize drawing for a product from the course-sponsoring partner.